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The strongest Dog in the World. Working in Russian Army Special Force.

Can u believe this ,is this a real one......... maybe
By seeing it we can easily say that some one has done this in photoshop (may be).
but im sure that its photoshop work .its an hoax
If its really there then i would like to have one.

By seeing it i can say that its face looks like rat's face & body may be of some from buffalo family


... It's a genetic defect found in whippets.. It's a real dog named Wendy, who lives on a farm in Victoria Canada. Not in the Russian military. Some whippets that are bred to be racing dogs develop the mutation and grow to be much more muscular than a regular whippet... Wendy weighs twice what she should.. Long story short the picture makes Wendy look gigantic but she really only weighs 45 lbs. The photographer didn't include anything else in the picture so you have nothing to compare her to. However, Wendy's owners have no claim of her being the world's strongest dog, just an incredibly muscular whippet.

that's ridiculous, it's not a genetic defect, do some research, fool.

its a hoax.

Not a hoax. Check out a vidoe of Wendy the whippet on animal planet:

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