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Yorkshire terrier was originally from England.Originally developed to help control the rat population in mid-19th century industrial Britain, the Yorkshire Terrier hails from an area in Northern England after which the breed was named. Yorkshire Terriers are intelligent, confident, and affectionate. Lively and spirited, yorkshire terrier is ever eager for adventure and trouble. This little dog is highly energetic,clever& brave.
Height : 6-9 inches
Weight : 3-7 pounds
Life span : 13-15 years


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The Vizsla Dog comes from Hungary and was bred originally pointing, falconry and trailing. The Vizsla Dog is also known by the other names of Hungarian Vizsla, Magyar Vizsla, Hungarian Pointer and Drotszoru Magyar Vizsla. The word Vizsla is often mis-spelt as Visla. This dog is classified as one of the Sporting Dog Group which we go on to describe in detail in the section at the bottom of this page. The Vizsla Dog was first Registered by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 1960.The vizsla is a medium size, short hair dog that is red or golden rust in color and is known for it's great hunting abilities and friendly personality.This breed needs a patient, firm hand. They are reliable with children, loving all the play they can get.
vizsla height 21-24 inches
vizsla weight 24-29 kg (48-60 pounds)
life span 12- 14 years


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The Bloodhound originates from Belgium and is one of the oldest hound breeds.While the Bloodhound owes most of his origins to the Mediterranean countries, it must be said that he was refined further, following his introduction to Europe. Originally appearing there, prior to the Crusades, there were two known varieties of Bloodhound at the time - the black and the white. The black variety of this breed later became known as the famous St. Huberts’ hounds.The Bloodhound is a very large, powerful dog with well-developed muscles and a short, harsh coat. This dog has quite loose-fitting skin around the face, resulting in a droopy and rather depressed expression. Bloodhound are playful with children and make great family pets.
Bloodhound height is 25-27 inches(64-68cm)
Its weight _ 90-110pounds
life span _ 8-10years.


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Germany was proud of its Great Dane history, in 1876,the Deutsche Dogge was elected the Countries National dog.Great Danes are large dogs that are among the tallest of dog breeds
The Great Dane is nicknamed as the "Apollo of all dogs." It was originally used to hunt big game (wild boars), as a patrol dog and as a war dog. it is brave and a good watchdog.the name "Grand Danois" was given by French naturalist Comte de Buffon during his travels in Denmark
This breed is known for being affectionate, gentle, patient and kind. They are playful with children and make great family pets. They love to be around people and are very loyal to their owners. They do not bark much either
Advise:It is important to teach Great Danes not to lean on people or children so injuries may be avoided. Great Danes stand 30 inches or more at the shoulder.
great dane height 30 inches
weight 130-200 pounds
life span 10-12 years


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